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The Ecommerce Social Media Scam

social media scam

There are hundreds of retailers out there that are getting scammed by social media and never seeing the fabled returns that selling on social media has. I feel sorry for these people: how could they be getting the results they expect when they aren’t even doing it properly?


The Top 5 Ecommerce Credit Card Processing Services

Credit Card Processing

In the land of payment gateways and credit card processors, the options are seemingly endless. In this article, I want to expose some of the fees that payment gateways try to hide and help you choose the right payment gateway for you. Payment gateways and credit card processes are, on a high level, the same […]


Introducing the Amazon Dash Button.

Amazon Dash Button

Amazon Dash Button is a new concept released by Amazon to drive sales on fast-moving consumer goods like toilet paper or washing detergent. These quick action order buttons are synced to your Amazon account and a particular product of your choice. You can then place the Dash Button in an optimal position for a quick […]


5 Bad Product Reviews You Will Definitely See Online


If you’re a store owner or even a customer looking to buy online, customer reviews play a huge part in the process. You have probably come across some reviews that just seemed a little weird. I have compiled a list of 5 of the most common bad reviews that you are bound to see online. […]


Homebrand: The Death Of Woolworths Private Label

Retail, Private Label

  Homebrand, Woolworths private label is gone, and it’s all because of you. Earlier this year Woolworths announced their plan to rebrand its’ “Woolworths Homebrand” label and absorb it into their other private Label, “essentials”. This realignment is due to a change in customer buying perception and could result in Aldi taking a larger market […]


Microsoft’s Hololens: Changing Retail, One Chair At A Time

Microsoft Hololens Retail

Microsoft has been busy recently with feature demonstrations of their revolutionary Augmented Reality (AR) goggles, the Hololens. In the years since its announcement, Microsoft has only eluded to the Hololens’ possible uses but never really revealed too much. This is quite possibly because they didn’t even know themselves. In the recent Hololens demonstrations, Microsoft showcased […]


The 6 Ways Hackers Can Hack Your Website

eCommerce Website Security from Hackers

Website security is a big issue in 2016. According to a recent study done by RSA website hacking attempts are on the rise. But don’t worry, the good guys are working just as hard as the hackers to make sure that your store and your customers’ information is safe. Download the 2016: Current State of […]


Impress Your Online Customers for Fathers Day

Fathers Day Impress Your Customers

Father’s Day is on the 4th of September (That’s pretty soon!). What have you done to make the most of the occasion? Have you prepared your online store? If not, that’s cool. I have you covered. Father’s Day might not be as busy as Mother’s Day or Christmas but Australians still spend an estimated $753.4 […]


Describing Your Products Is Killing Your Sales

Killing your sales

It’s a common misconception that if you write product descriptions that describe your product you will get sales in return. You don’t want to describe your product. You want to sell it. The two product descriptions listed below are two different companies selling the same product. They are essentially saying the same thing but one […]


Click Frenzy 2016: The Google of heavily discounted items.

Countdown timer to Click Frenzy

Online shopping discount promoter Click Frenzy is having their Mid-Year discounting bonanza today at 7pm EDST 17th May. Click frenzy initially was a relabeled clone of America’s Cyber Monday but over the last few years has flourished in Australian market and even evolved to include end of year financial sales. For those Australians that don’t […]