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Why should I upgrade?

Magento 1 based online stores are now unsupported. Without updates and security patches leaves your store insecure.

It is integral to keep up-to-date with the latest security and updates to ensure your store is secure and running smoothly. This is all part of the package with Magento 2.

Multi-source Inventory
Improved performance
Streamlined checkout
Improved admin interface
Improved data migration
Easier extension updating
Improved product uploading
Search engine friendly
Progressive Web Applications (PWA) Studio
Elastic Search

What's great about Magento 2?

Migrating to Magento 2 will not only ensure ongoing security upgrades and technical support is readily available, but Magento 2 also offers serious improvements on the Magento 1 platform including:

Improved platform speed and quicker page load times than Magento 1 with Magento 2 capable of processing more orders per hour

Improved checkout system - faster, more streamlined process, automated customer recognition and enhanced customer experience

Improved SEO searchability due to front-end design allowing stores to be browsed from a wider range of devices, much more mobile-friendly

Easier product uploads and enhanced customisation

Database segmentation - no more one list fits all

Simplified admin interface - easier for non-developers to use

Upgraded add-to-cart functionality - no more page reloads every time a customer adds a new product meaning fewer customer bounces

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Moving your current ecommerce store to a new host and new platform can be an alarming prospect. You run the risk of migrating incorrectly and losing data or corrupting your whole store. This is why you should always work with experience Magento developers such as Neocreative. We have a team of experience and proficient Magento developers who understand the complexities involved with migrating your store and will work with you to ensure that the migration is seamless.


Avoid being unsupported and ensure business continuity and security with Neocreative, the ecommerce experts.

Magento migration experts

Neocreative's extensive experience as a Magento developer in Australia means that we are well placed to help you achieve positive digital transformation and innovation for your store through Magento 2.

Neocreative is the most experienced specialist Magento agency in Brisbane. Focusing on ecommerce, our professional and affable team is passionate about innovation in the online realm. We are completely focused on ecommerce and design, and on making your job easier with an ecommerce solution that's right for you business. We have helped multiple stores successfully migrate to Magento 2 and flourish.

Neocreative can:

Manage your data migration

Monitor your results

Help you through any design customisations required

Facilitate new hosting requirements

Walk you through updates and using Magento 2

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Looking for a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution?

Checkout Storebase, our month-to-month Magento 2 subscription based service


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