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Your new smart watch is just one selfie away

Woody taking a selfie

The one thing ecommerce does well is consistently improves the quality and speed of service that customers buy products. It’s in every seller’s interest to have the quickest and safest checkout possible. Helping you keep buyers on the line and your takings safe from credit card fraud should be pretty high on every sellers priority […]


Alibaba the $200billion ecommerce giant is moving to Australia in 2016

Jack Ma, founder and executive chairman of the Alibaba Group.

Jack Ma, founder and executive chairman of the Alibaba Group.IMAGE: NI YANQIANG/IMAGINECHINA Need proof on how important ecommerce is to retail sales? Chinese ecommerce giant “Alibaba” sold $462 billion US worth of products in 2015 alone. That’s billion, with a capital B. For those that don’t know what Alibaba offers: Alibaba provides both consumer-to-consumer and […]


Are you REALLY selling globally?

A World map showing points of sale

The benefits of selling globally are boundless and a quintessential factor in leveraging economies of scale. If done right, your product could be the next Coca Cola. Amazing right?     Some online store owners think they are selling their product to a global market just because they are based on the internet. But, are they really? Selling […]


The 6 Most Common Ecommerce Myths.

It wasn’t so long ago that the thought of shopping online was an entirely foreign concept. Now with the ever-changing online retail landscape, it seems like an absolute must to join the party. This isn’t far from the truth. With the advent of more advanced computers, smartphones and tablets that are seemingly changing every minute, […]