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The Checkout Series Part 8: Order review and confirmation


Order review and confirmation: the final two steps in a conventional checkout process. Order review details products, address, payment and shipping details before a customer completes their order. The order confirmation page usually presents an order ID and a thank you message. These steps are often underutilised by many stores and can present an opportunity […]


The Checkout Series Part 7: Accounts and returning users

accounts and returning users

Customer accounts are a convenient way for returning customers to purchase from your store by reducing the need for supplying order details for every new order. Account data is also used for collecting additional customer metrics for targeting marketing campaigns and managing extra services such as order tracking and returns. With all the positives that […]


The Checkout Series Part 6: Security and Trust Seals


Trust: the emotion that controls the balance between “Should I?” or “Shouldn’t I?” Gaining the trust of a customer is a difficult task but one that is necessary when dealing with sensitive information such as credit card details. Making sure your online store is trustworthy can be broken down into many elements both technical and […]


The Checkout Series Part 5: Postage & Address input


Postage details are one of the larger pieces of data collected in a transaction; consisting of up to 6 different form fields. Inputting the right data is integral for correct postage/shipping calculation and making sure the customer’s package lands on their doorstep and not their next door neighbours’. Auto-complete information where possible Many stores neglect […]


The Checkout Series Part 4: Payments


Payment information is classified by many customers as the most sensitive data provided during a transaction. Handling payments correctly can be the make or break of completing an order. This is where a customer transitions from a potential customer to a converted customer. Payment method selection Presenting a customer with a decent choice of options […]


The Checkout Series Part 3: Creating forms


Forms are the undeniable necessity of a checkout process. The customer must fill out a form with their order details. The ease at which a customer can do this can greatly affect your checkout’s abandonment rate. Creating a form that’s easy to fill out and understand isn’t as simple as you may think with many […]


The Checkout Series Part 2: Checkout types


Checkout types have been one of the most heavily scrutinised elements in modern day ecommerce software. Each product development team behind the software will swear by different checkout methods stating that their method will convert the highest. So, the question remains: what checkout type will suit my store? Whether that be one-page, two-step, multi-step or […]


5 Bad Product Reviews You Will Definitely See Online


If you’re a store owner or even a customer looking to buy online, customer reviews play a huge part in the process. You have probably come across some reviews that just seemed a little weird. I have compiled a list of 5 of the most common bad reviews that you are bound to see online. […]


Why Ecommerce Customer Reviews Are Important.

5 Star Customer Reviews

Why do I need customer reviews? Customer reviews can seem very unpredictable and risky to a lot of ecommerce store owners; many preferring to not utilise a customer review system simply because they are unable to control what people say. In doing so, these store owners are missing out on a massive sales and conversion […]