Monthly Archives: January 2016

Branding. What is it and why do I need it?

Today’s society, both digital and organic, is cluttered with a mish-mash of content that is seemingly impossible to sift through. We are bombarded with an overload of visual stimuli that can more often that not overwhelm us. So how on earth do we, as business and company owners, navigate our way to the top of […]


Upgrading Magento. Why you should.

We often take updating software for granted, whether that be your computer, tablet, or phone, the push button convenience has made it all to easy. Magento installations aren’t quite as easy and quick to update, but none the less important. Many installations are left in the dust once they’re setup for sake of cost-savings, but […]


Internet Explorer is dead….almost

Internet Explorer, the staple for so long when browsing the web on Windows PCs is one step closer to the grave. Microsoft has announced that it will end support and security updates as of today, January 12th 2016 for all versions of Internet explorer except IE11 which is currently still part of the Professional and […]