Mother’s Day: Market your online store to get more sales.

Daughter bringing mother breakfast in bed for mothers day

How to market your online store to get more Mother’s Day sales.

Mother’s Day is one of the most active retail times of the year behind the Christmas season. According to a recent prediction by market research firm IBISWorld, overall retail spend on Mother’s Day will increase by 3.9 percent to $1.36 billion.

Overall retail spend on Mother’s Day will increase by 3.9 percent to $1.36 billion.

Mother’s Day means a lot to people. It’s an emotionally charged holiday and consumers are out to show their mum how much they appreciate them.
Mother’s Day is a highly competitive time for a lot of retailers. If you have an online store you have already included an extra 28.3% of the population according to the National Retail Federation’s latest statistics. So how do you get the most out of this beneficial time? The answer is:

  • Lists
  • Banners
  • Labels

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and like many other people, I have no idea what to get my mother. I need someone to spoon feed me Mother’s Day gift ideas. Some online stores do a Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift List as suggested purchases. This can be a really helpful prompt and can go along way into helping the undecided shoppers with making a purchase from your store.

Create a set of Mother’s Day banners for your site. It sounds like a lot of work but Mother’s Day happens every year. Banners are reusable and can be pre-designed. These can set you apart from the competition. You have an excellent opportunity to set the mood and present your store in a professional manner by creating on-message and relevant banner promotions.

Put labels on some of your products that suggest that it could be a good product for the customer’s mother. A label will remind the user that a particular product could be a great Mother’s Day present.

Mother's day banners for David Jones
Mother’s day banners for David Jones

Offer gift cards if someone is really undecided about what they want to get their mother. Gift cards work well for customers that can’t be with their mother for Mother’s Day it provides a remote gifting system that ensures that mothers get what they want, because they can choose it themselves.

I’m not saying that every site should implement these practices specifically because not every brand suits Mother’s Day gifts. If you specialise in Men’s Beard Combs, hat’s off to you but I don’t think a Mother’s Day campaign is your best option. However, I will say that you should endeavour to adapt your store to the seasons and events that suit your product. If a customer sees that you’re being active in selling your products, they will be more inclined to be active in buying your products.

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