Internet Explorer is dead….almost

Internet Explorer, the staple for so long when browsing the web on Windows PCs is one step closer to the grave. Microsoft has announced that it will end support and security updates as of today, January 12th 2016 for all versions of Internet explorer except IE11 which is currently still part of the Professional and Enterprise editions of Microsoft’s latest OS Windows 10.

In a push towards modern web standards Microsoft is encouraging users to update their browsers to either IE11 on previous versions of Windows or transfer across to Edge; Microsoft’s attempt to break back into the web browser market with a fresh approach over the old relic that was Internet Explorer.

This announcement will be welcome news to the web development community which has long lamented providing backwards compatibility for websites on older versions of Internet Explorer.

For users that are still running older versions of IE Microsoft recommends upgrading as soon as possible to maintain a secure and reliable internet browsing experience. You can update your browser now by either running Windows update on your system or by visiting Microsoft’s website,


Rowan Volker - Lead UX / Front-end Developer

Rowan is the UX/UI and HTML guru at Neocreative. He is a creative thinker, problem solver and has taken it upon himself to claim the job of office barista. Rowan spends his weekends out on the golf course or playing cricket.

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