Branding. What is it and why do I need it?

Today’s society, both digital and organic, is cluttered with a mish-mash of content that is seemingly impossible to sift through. We are bombarded with an overload of visual stimuli that can more often that not overwhelm us. So how on earth do we, as business and company owners, navigate our way to the top of the content pile? How do we distinguish our company from any other? We create a brand.


People create brands to bring order out of the clutter. (Marty Neumeier – The Brand Gap).


Contrary to a lot of mainstream thinking, a brand isn’t simply a logo or a few ads. A brand is the overall image that you portray to your customer base. Your brand is the most integral part of your company and the success of your business depends on it. We can influence our brand to an extent however the real power of a brand is its harmonious¬†relationship with its clients. If your brand is perceived in a negative way by your clients then your brand and company as a whole will suffer as a result. Similarly, if your brand is seen in a positive light then this will encourage brand loyalty and thus more success for your company. Creating an identity that allows your customers to form an emotional connection with your message is paramount to a successful brand.

Renae Volker - Creative Director

Renae is the design lead and creative director at Neocreative. She studied Visual Communication Design at Griffith University, Queensland College of Art, Australia and has over 12 years of experience in the professional design world. Renae has a keen interest in typography and lettering and spends her days designing ecommerce websites, building brands and drinking coffee.

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